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Oval Amethyst (S10)



5x3 A

5.19 ea

5x3 AA

11.25 ea

5x3 CAB AA

6.09 ea

6x4 A

9.00 ea

6x4 AA

16.20 ea

6x4 CAB AA

10.32 ea

7x5 A

12.96 ea

7x5 AA

25.56 ea

7x5 CAB AA

15.00 ea

8x6 A

21.75 ea

8x6 AA

41.40 ea

8x6 CAB AA

22.80 ea

9x7 A

30.54 ea

9x7 AA

66.30 ea

9x7 CAB AA

34.74 ea

10x8 A

40.50 ea

10x8 AA

84.24 ea

10x8 AAA

103.68 ea

10x8 CAB AA

59.40 ea

11x9 A

53.55 ea

11x9 AA

126.72 ea

11x9 CAB AA

61.92 ea

12x10 A

67.50 ea

12x10 AA

176.64 ea

12x10 CAB AA

84.24 ea

14x10 A

82.50 ea

14x10 AA

224.40 ea

14x10 CAB AA

115.08 ea

14x12 A

108.75 ea

16x12 A

135.90 ea

Prices are approximate. Discounts are available for large quantity purchases.
You will be charged for the actual weight of the gemstone purchased and/or the market price in effect at that time.

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