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Half-Moon Amethyst (S1HM)



10x7 A

45.97 ea

10x7 AA

83.52 ea

Trillion Amethyst (S1T)



4x4x4 A

3.66 ea

4x4x4 AA

11.34 ea

5x5x5 AA

18.72 ea

6x6x6 AA

27.30 ea

Straight Baguette Amethyst (S1BS)



4x2 AA

8.70 ea

5x2 AA

11.70 ea

8x4 A

17.10 ea

8x4 AA

39.90 ea

Square Amethyst (S1S)



3.0 CAB AA

3.60 ea

3x3 A

6.00 ea

3x3 AA

10.80 ea

4.0 CAB AA

6.60 ea

4x4 AA

15.60 ea

5.0 CAB AA

14.94 ea

5x5 AA

24.96 ea

6.0 CAB AA

31.50 ea

6x6 AA

45.36 ea

Prices are approximate. Discounts are available for large quantity purchases.
You will be charged for the actual weight of the gemstone purchased and/or the market price in effect at that time.

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